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 Law Enforcements and Jailing
Because Hermosa Beach has a low crime rate, they only hold approximately 20 inmates at any given time. Hermosa’s law enforcement houses a small jailing facility. When a person is arrested, a  bail amount is set based on the crimes the person is charged with.  They have the option to either post bond or wait to go to court.  After a person goes to court, males will be transferred to Twin Tower while woman are moved to the Lynwood Jail (aka CRDF).Alternatively, they may stay at the Hermosa Beach Station Jail until they are bailed out. If they opt for bail, a new court date will be assigned upon their release from custody.

If you would like your loved one back home as quickly as possible, you shouldn’t wait to call us as procedures can take up to 12 hours or more to process if transferred elsewhere. Not only that, but the arrestee must move to a larger facility in order for the booking process to take place. This is all time consuming and cannot be expedited. Our Hermosa Beach bail bonds office has the knowledge to make bailing out of jail occur as quickly as possible.

Bailing Process:
Anyone arrested in the Hermosa beach area will be detained by the Hermosa Beach Police department.  Most people arrested in Hermosa beach will be booked either at the City of Hermosa Beach police station, or a local sheriff’s office. The arrestee will remain there until they are required to appear before a court or magistrate.  In other cases, the person arrested could be booked at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown LA (males) or the Century Regional Detention Facility (females). It doesn’t matter where or how the arrestee is booked. One thing is for sure, the process to bail them out, will not take long if you choose to deal with us.  It’s much better to save all that hassle by contacting a professional bail bonds company such as Hermosa Beach bail bondsmen.

In order for someone to be bailed out, they must go through the proper legal process. This legal process forces the arrestee to have their fingerprints taken (live scan); directed to the Department of Justice (DOJ).  After this, the arrestee must have their results returned by the DOJ and as long as there are no pending warrants or holds, no further steps are needed to be taken. Then the bail bond can be turned in.

If you’re attempting to go through the bailing process on your own (not using our service), you should have a large amount of cash on hand since the Hermosa Beach PD only accepts cash or a bail bond.  Depending upon how knowledgeable you are with that procedure, it can take you hours to figure it out. By calling us first, we can save you time, money and potential delays in the release of your loved one.  There are plenty of factors that contribute to delays in the processing time. This includes your knowledge, staff’s workload, amount of staff, and medical conditions.  Once, an arrestee is released, they will need to fill out the proper forms and attend all future court dates.

Professional Legal Service
The legal system can be lengthy, confusing, and create stress. Why not make your life easier by trusting a professional bail bondsman, such as our agent. Our professionals will handle any inquires you may have, along with any other questions. It is our job to bring your loved one home, quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of legal holds for the future. Call us today! For your towns most professional bail bonds service.