We are a licensed bail bonding agency providing bail bonds services in Hermosa Beach, CA.  We provide fast, confidential and professional services that are designed to put your mind at ease.  Whether you are in the Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach, our friendly agents are ready to help you or your love one get released from jail.

Fast Service When It Matters

No one wants to spend time in jail.  It is uncomfortable, cold and often times crowded.  As experienced bail bonds agents we recognize this fact.  That is why we work hard to get you out of jail FAST.

How do we do this?

Our services are designed with you in mind.  From the very beginning we have agents that are available every day at any time of the day.  When you are arrested, when they ask you who you would like to call, call us first.  We will begin your process of getting released.  It doesn’t matter what time you call.  We will be there ready to help you.

After you contact us, we continue to work fast.  Our agents will collect only the information they need to get your bail bond completed.  In some cases, they are able to collect all of the information in one call and get you out of there within a few minutes.  It is called our “over the phone release”.  For this service, simply have your information and payment method ready and we will do the rest.

If we can’t get you released over the phone, our agents will come out to the jail and finish the paperwork with you.  That’s right, you don’t have to wait for the materials to get delivered.  We will come there and bail you out.

For some people, getting the bail bond approved is not as much of an issue as getting home.  We help with that too.  If you need a ride home, let us know and we can arrange something.

Our Hermosa Beach bail bondsmen are in the business of getting you out of jail fast.  When you need us, we will be ready.  Simply give us a call at (310) 974-8025, and we can begin the process of getting you home.

Our Services

  • Easy Payment Plans
  • Release Now but Pay Later
  • Hablamos Espanol
  • 24 Hours a Day Agent Support
  • Confidential Services

For More Information

If you or a loved one is in jail and needs our help getting released, call us at (310) 974-8025 and we can discuss your options.  We will work you to explain your options and develop a plan that works for your situation. There is no fee involved with contacting us, and you are under no obligation to work with us.  If you are concerned about the cost, we offer payment plans and 0% APR financing.  You don’t have to sit in jail, because our agents are always ready to provide you the help you need.  Call us today to get started.